Retrospect Magazine focuses on visually-driven storytelling of current issues, but from perspectives beyond those published in the mainstream media. Produced as a prototype over the course of four months, Retrospect published three stories in its first sports issue:

Brianna Robinson is a 16 year-old modified race car driver, who talks about what it's like to be a woman in the male-dominated sport of dirt track racing. See her full story here.

The Browns Backers with a Twist are the first LGBT group out of 355 Browns Backers groups worldwide. The inaugural members talk about the stereotypes surrounding sports and how sports have impacted their lives. See their full story here.

The Northern Ohio Outlaws are the largest cowboy mounted shooting group in the world. Considering the gun violence currently taking place across the world, this group provides an alternative view on the use of these weapons in a controlled sports environment. See the full story here

See the full magazine layout below: